FAQs for Housing Application

Application Process

How to apply?

After your application and application fee have been submitted, the RGSH team will provide you with further information.

Who can apply?

Only full-time, currently registered Rice University graduate students. First year incoming graduate students can apply after receiving an official offer from the University. Current students can apply however, first-year students will have priority.

Can I apply to more than one property to increase my chances of obtaining a spot?

No, only one application per student will be accepted. However, you will rank your preferences for RGA, RVA, and RVT within that application. If your top choise is unavailable, we will place you in the other properties. Securing a spot in any property is not guaranteed, and a second application will not be processed.

Can I apply for housing with my family?

Yes, you can apply for family housing with a spouse / domestic partner, and/or children only at the Rice Village Apartments (RVA) and Rice Village Townhomes (RVT).

What can I do if my payment is not going through?

Please wait for a few minutes to try again, or use a different browser, or even a different card. The system does not allow duplicate payments so you will only be charged once. If problems persist, reach out to us at gradapts@rice.edu, or rvapts@rice.edu, or you can make a payment with a check or money order as well.

Can I request a tour at RGA/RVA/RVT?
Applicants can request a property tour by emailing us their preferred time and date. Please note that we require at least one week's notice to accommodate your requested date.

Where can I find information about the floorplans and rent?

Floor plans and rent information for Rice Graduate Apartments (RGA) can be found here:


Floor plans and rent information for Rice Village Apartments (RVA) can be found here:


Floor plans and rent information for Rice Village Townhomes (RVT) can be found here:


Is a room deposit required to reserve a space?

After the application fee is paid, we will not request a deposit for the reservation. Once a room offer has been made, a leasing agreement will be emailed to your Rice email only for you to sign. Once the lease is signed, this becomes a binding agreement for both parties, which means that your spot will be secured, but also that we expect you to move in on the agreed dates and for the complete period of the lease.

How can I pay the application fee?

Acceptable payment methods are checks, credit cards, or money orders made payable to “Rice University” only. All checks and money orders should be denominated in U.S. dollars.

Note: A check can be referred to as a “demand draft”, which is a “Manager’s Check” issued by a foreign bank that is drawn on a U.S. bank. This is an acceptable form of payment.

Will I get my application fee back?

No. The application fee is non-refundable.

How much is the housing deposit and when is it due?

The housing deposit is $200 (non-refundable) and is due within 5 days of moving into your apartment.

Will I get my housing deposit back?

No. The deposit is non-refundable.

How and when are housing offers and assignments made for new students?

You will be notified of your housing offer via email. You will have one week (subject to change) from the date of offer to accept or decline. If you decide to accept the offer, roommate assignments will be sent in a separate email prior to your arrival. Room assignments will take into consideration an applicant’s building and floor plan preferences, as well as the questionnaire component of the application. RGSH will make very effort to honor all floor plan preferences and roommate requests on a space-available basis. Roommate requests based upon race, color, religion, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, and national origin will not be considered.

How does Rice Graduate Housing select residents from the housing applicants?

Incoming first-year graduate students are given priority for Rice Graduate Student Housing facilities. This allows incoming graduate students the opportunity to better familiarize themselves with the surrounding area during their first year.

Roommate Matching

May May I choose my own roommate?

Prospective residents may request a specific roommate on their housing application. All mutually requested roommates must have complete housing applications. Specific roommates cannot be guaranteed, but all efforts are made to meet requests made.

How are roommates matched?

You can request for a roommate on your housing application. Both students will need to request each other as roommates to be considered. If you do not request a specific roommate, one will be assigned to you based on your building and floor plan preferences, as well as the questionnaire component of your application. RGSH will make very effort to honor all floor plan preferences and roommate requests on a space-available basis. Roommate requests based upon race, color, religion, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, and national origin are not considered.

What happens when my roommate(s) and I have a conflict?

After move-in, it is mandatory to complete a roommate agreement, which contains the terms and conditions by which they agree to share an apartment by the end of the second week after the last roommate's move-in. Conflicts will be resolved between the roommates based on the agreed terms of the roommate agreement. If conflicts persist and continue, residents can seek counseling and advice from the RGHS team.

Lease and Community Policies

What is a housing agreement?

A housing agreement is a contract between landlord and tenant that sets forth the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The housing agreement allows the tenant to occupy and use both the land and permanently affixed structures for a specific period. In return, the tenant pays a specified rent during the time of occupancy. Once both parties sign the housing agreement, they are bound by its terms. You will be required to sign a housing agreement at the Rice Graduate Student Housing (RGSH) facility you reside at.

When does my housing agreement start and end?

The housing agreement starts August 15th and ends May 15th of the following year. Depending on availability, students can request an early move-in date. This date must be communicated and agreed upon by management.

Can I stay at RGA/RVA/RVT during winter break?
Yes, your housing agreement duration includes the winter break, and you will be financially responsible until the end of your housing agreement term.

What is the term of the Housing Agreement?

We offer a nine-month Housing Agreement (August-May) for the academic calendar year.

Can I stay at RGA/RVA/RVT during the summer (after the end of the housing agreement)?

After the end of the housing agreement on May 15th, students may have the option to extend through the summer, until July 15th. However, this may vary from year to year depending on the availability of rooms.

When can I move into my room?

The default move-in date is August 15th. If you would like to move in prior to this date, you must request for an earlier date on your housing application. This is approved depending on availability.

Can my belongings be shipped to my apartment before I arrive?

No. We do not have storage facilities to hold belongings for future residents and cannot sign for packages for non-residents. Any items that are shipped to RGA or RVA / RVT prior to move-in will be returned to the sender.

How do I change information on my housing application?

Please email the specific property you are requesting with your updated information or housing preferences before the appropriate deadline.

Rice Village Apartments (RVA) and Rice Village Townhomes (RVT) at rvapts@rice.edu or Rice Graduate Apartments (RGA) at gradapts@rice.edu.

Is smoking allowed?

All graduate apartment buildings are smoke-free communities. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms, common areas, and hallways. Smoking is allowed only in designated outside areas of the facility.

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed at any of the Rice Graduate Student Housing facilities. No animals of any kind are allowed on the premises, including you room, common areas, and outdoor spaces.

Can I have visitors and overnight guests?

Yes. Please refer to the housing agreement for the maximum number of days this is allowed. Roommates are required to discuss overnight visitors in advance when preparing the roommate agreement. If the visitors or overnight guest have cars, the resident is responsible for applying for the visitor parking permit beforehand. Make sure to always accompany your guests around the building, as guests are only permitted to wander in the company of the resident.

Services and Events at RGA/RVA/RVT

How do I get around?

A shuttle service takes residents to and from campus every 15 to 20 mins. You can track the shuttle through the TransLoc App or on the bus tracker website https://rice.ridesystems.net/routes.

What utilities are included in my rent?

Utilities included are internet, recycling, and water. Electricity is not included, upon moving in, you have 7 days to register your apartment with a power company of your choice. You can visit choosetexaspower or powertochoose to select a service provider.

What furniture do you provide and what do I need to bring?

You check the list of furniture provided on the floor plan of each property.

Do the properties provide maintenance and repair services?

Yes, all RGSH properties provide maintenance services.

What social events do we have at Grad Housing?

RGA /RVA /RVT host various events to encourage community engagement. These events include fall orientation, holiday parties, competitions, and study breaks, among many others throughout the year.

Does RGA/RVA/RVT have a social media account?

Yes. RGSH properties have Instagram accounts: @gradapts (RGA) and @rva_rvt_22 (RVA/RVT). Follow us on both social medial platforms for the most updated information!

Contact Us

  • RGA/RVA/RVT Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 7 PM, Saturday - Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM. (Closed 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM)
  • RGA Email: gradapts@rice.edu
  • RGA Tel: (713) 348-4723
  • RVA/RVT Email: rvapts@rice.edu
  • RVA/RVT Tel: (713) 348-4050
Please note: Our office hours may be affected by staff holidays set by Rice university.