Summer Housing for Rice Students

Summer Housing will be announced soon.


Storage of belongings is not available through Housing and Dining. Some colleges do make arrangements for storage, please check with your college coordinator for more information.

Transition housing (spring to summer)

Transition housing (spring to summer) will be available to post-season athletes and eligible students who are currently living on-campus and need housing beginning during May 2020. Transition housing is only available for students who will move directly from a spring on-campus room assignment to a summer on-campus room assignment.

Transition housing (summer to fall)

Transition housing (summer to fall) will be available to eligible summer students who are living on-campus and need housing beginning July 2020. The only students who are eligible for summer to fall transition housing are O-Week Coordinators or students working for Housing and Dining. Students who do not meet these requirements are not eligible for summer to fall transition housing and will be required to move off-campus prior to O-Week 2020.

The same university policies that apply during the academic year are in effect during the summer term. Students are expected to comply with the terms of the Summer Housing Agreement, the Code of Non-Academic Conduct and all Community Standards.