Summer Housing for Non-Rice Students

Summer housing is available for non-Rice students on a limited basis only. If you are working with a Rice faculty member, you are eligible for housing in our on-campus dorms. If you are a college student at another university, who is not working with a Rice faculty member, we are unable to provide housing for you at this time.

If you are working with a Rice faculty member and would like to reserve housing in our on-campus dorms, please fill out our Intern Summer Housing Request Form. If you have any questions about the form, please feel free to contact Diana DeSantiago, summer conference coordinator, at 713-348-5205 or via email at

Available Services for Intern Summer Housing Participants

There are a number of services available to intern summer housing participants, including meal cards, parking passes and laundry services. Please read through the General Information page for more information on these available services. Please note that mail service is not available within the dorms – if you would like to receive mail on-campus, please work with your hosting Department to see if mail can be delivered there.