Dorm Living

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Will there be furniture in my dorm room when I get to Rice?
All campus-rooms are equipped with a twin bed, dresser, desk, chair and a closet or wardrobe per student. Each bed is an 80-inch extra-long, which is longer than the standard twin bed length.

Can I personalize my room at my residential college?
Feel free to bring furniture, lamps and decorations from home for your residential college room, provided decorations are installed and hung without damaging the walls. Candles and incense are prohibited, but non-flame producing candles are allowed. Refrigerators are permitted, but cannot have a combined refrigerator and freezer space over 3.6 cubic feet. Microwaves that are not part of the university approved micro-fridge units, toaster ovens or other heating appliances are not allowed.

Are command strips and hooks allowed in the residential colleges?
Command strips and hooks are the recommended way to hang decorations; however, we ask that you leave any strips and hooks in the walls for H&D removal at the end of the academic calendar year. Watch this video from Command Strips to learn how to hang command strips.

What else can I use to hang posters?
Blue painters tape should be the only other material used to hang up any posters or flyers around the colleges and campus. Please only hang flyers in areas where it is allowed by the college.

Who should I contact if I want to loft my bed?
Contact your residential college’s Student Maintenance Representative if you would like to loft or bunk your bed.

Is there recycling in my residential college room?
Each room is equipped with a single stream recycling bin. This means that different materials can be recycled in the same bin in your dorm room! To find out more about recycling at Rice, visit our Recycling Page.

What will my room look like?

Every college is different and will have different types of rooms. You can view the amenities at a few of the colleges here: