How to Apply

How to apply

To apply, click this link for the Graduate Housing Application and also follow the instructions below. Completed applications through April 20, 2020 will receive priority.

Who is eligible for housing?

All Rice Graduate Housing buildings are open to full-time, currently registered Rice University graduate students only. Students at other universities (except for Rice-sponsored summer programs), post-docs and non-students are not eligible to apply for housing. For new applications, only Rice University graduate students who have been accepted and will begin their enrollment in fall 2020 are eligible to apply. Students enrolled at Rice in fall 2020 or earlier are not eligible to apply, even if they have not stayed at Graduate Housing previously.

How do I apply for housing?

The Graduate Housing application is available online. Incoming first-year graduate students (including international students) are given the highest priority for becoming residents at the Rice Graduate Housing facilities.

After submitting your application, the RGSH management team will follow-up with you on how to complete your application.