Graduate Housing

Purpose and Mission of Rice Graduate Student Housing

At Rice University, we recognize that your graduate journey entails more than academics. It involves acclimating to a new city, building relationships, and fostering a supportive environment for academic and personal growth. Our Graduate Student Housing Program is designed to be your home away from home as you pursue your academic goals at Rice University.


The purpose of Rice Graduate Student Housing is to establish a welcoming and inclusive community that supports the development of our graduate students. We aim to create an environment where students can focus on their studies, engage in meaningful interactions, and forge lasting friendships.


Our mission is to facilitate a smooth transition for first-year graduate students as they adjust to living in Houston, a culturally diverse city. We understand that transitioning to a new environment can be both exhilarating and challenging, particularly for those from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Creating a Supportive Community: We Strive to foster a sense of belonging among our graduate students by organizing social events, and facilitating cultural exchanges through community-building initiatives we aim to create a supportive environment where students can thrive.

  • Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion: Houston's diverse cultural landscape enriches our community. Our housing program celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion through cultural events, workshops, and by encouraging active participation in community gatherings. We believe these gatherings play a vital role in cultivation a sense of belonging and fostering friendships.
  • A Comfortable Living Environment: From well-maintained facilities to attentive staff, we strive to create an environment where you can focus on your personal and academic growth.

Rice Graduate Student housing is more than just a residence, it's a vibrant community where you can find support, camaraderie, and inspiration on your graduate journey. Current students, who are members of the graduate housing resident assistance program (RA) are always eager to assist incoming students in their new home. We welcome you to join us and make Rice University your home away from home in the heart of Houston.

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