College Theatre Production Procedures

This is no small feat and the work that it takes to make everything run smoothly is always challenging. It takes time and a lot of hard work to see that everything is ready to go on opening day!

Hanging lighting and running electrical wiring for these productions is something that every Theatre production group needs to plan for carefully. Because many College commons areas have high ceilings, it is important to plan ahead and schedule maintenance technicians through in order to accomplish these tasks. Rice University does not allow students to use lift platforms without certification due to safety and liability issues. Please review and adhere to the following procedures:

Theatre Production Plans

College governments should submit a list of Theatre Representatives at the beginning of each school year to the Housing and Dining Office. Theatre Representatives that will be responsible for the production will need to provide a draft of the Theatre production plan which should primarily include a schematic drawing of the stage and a layout of the lighting for the production. This plan must be turned in to the Housing and Dining office. The plan will be reviewed with the Environmental Health and Safety office and then returned to the Theatre Representative if there are any issues to be addressed before the stage is built. Any noted issues must be corrected before the production can open.

Coordination with H&D

Theatre Representatives must plan ahead in order to secure the services of H&D’s maintenance technicians for hanging trusses and completing any preliminary work that involves working over a height of 20 feet. Submit both plans for the proposed lighting layout and email a work request to specifying timing and contact information. Work requests are normally completed within two weeks.

Use of Lift Platforms

Theatre Representatives who plan to use H&D lift platforms in order to position lights and other theatre props will need to be certified through a Housing and Dining High Lift Training Program. There will be two classes available each school year, one at the beginning of each semester. Keys to High Lift Platforms will only be checked out to those students who become certified through the H&D class. Certification will be valid for one year. Certified Representatives who are found to allow other non-certified students to use the high lift will lose their certification and may be subject to fines and other penalties.